175 years of farming and hospitality tradition

The Miró Family

Our family tradition of farming and hospitality dates back 175 years to when my ancestors were masovers of the Barón de Eroles estate from 1840 to 1943. During this period, the house already had a custom of welcoming travellers to stay the night, as the village did not have an inn to accommodate travellers or those who were bringing their livestock to the fair.

Thanks to the Canadenca workers’ strike, the second decade of the 20th century saw an economic and demographic boom. Everyone started doing business and we continued to serve food and rent out rooms.

In 1940 the last Barón de Eroles passed away and his heirs sold their property. As a result, in 1943 my family moved to the next-door home, casa Don Pau, although most people still referred to us as Casa Baró.

The year of 1958 saw improvements to day-to-day life and the economy, and people were hopeful that there would be more work available in the region. It was during this time that my godmother Florentina, together with her children, decided to open a bar, restaurant and lodgings. Her daughter Lola (my aunt) took on a primary role and thus the establishment was given the name of Casa Lola. When my aunt retired, I, María Teresa, took on the reins. I am the third generation.

In our home you will find a peaceful place to relax. Our apartments are equipped with their own kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, all the necessary utensils, a comfortable bed and a bathroom with shower. We know the surrounding territory like the back of our hand, and we would be delighted to help you plan your trips through the mountain. We can recommend all the best places to visit when exploring our region, the Pallars Jussà.